Program Karlovy Vary – Nuremberg - Karlovy Vary

8.00       Departure from Karlovy Vary.

10.30     Stop the toilet, kafe.

11.20     The first stop in Nuremberg (Shopping)

11.30     The second stop on a tour of Nuremberg:  Fortress of Kings. House painter Albrecht Dürer. St. Sebaldus Church. Market Square…

13.00    Lunch at the Vintage Restaurant (10-15 euro)

16.30    Gathering the group around St. Lawrence Church.

16.50    Nuremberg Palace of Justice  (6 euro)

AdresBärenschanzstraße 72 Nürnberg

The phrase "Nuremberg Trials" comprises both the so-called "Trial of the Main War Criminals" held in front of an International Military Tribunal between 20.11. 1945 and 1.10. 1946, and the 12 "Follow-up Trials" between 1946 and 1949, where leading representatives of the German elites (e.g. medical doctors, legal professionals, military staff) were tried by exclusively American tribunals.  The first and largest exhibition space gives information on the events leading up to the trials, on the parties involved and on the course of the trial of the main war criminals.

17.30  Departure.

20.00 Return to Karlovy Vary.